Dulce De La Rosa · UX & product designer

Hey there!

I'm Dulce De La Rosa, a UX Designer whose journey in the world of design began with a passion for visual arts, leading me to earn a degree in Graphic Design.

Residing in sunny Barcelona, my career transitioned from graphic design to frontend development, where my enthusiasm for visuals only intensified. However, I found my true calling in UX design, where driven by curiosity, I continually seek to understand the 'whys,' aiming to create meaningful and streamlined user experiences.

Outside of my professional life, I am a mother to two wonderful children, aged 4 years and 10 months, and happily married to a fantastic Portuguese man I met at a tech conference. My life harmoniously blends the worlds of arts, design, and family.

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The experience

Starting as a graphic designer, I evolved into a UX & product designer, gaining over 10 years of experience in the field. For the past four years, my focus has been on refining my expertise in UX strategy.

My passion lies in orchestrating the entire design process. From creating something new to improving existing features , I enjoy every stage of product development.

My professional journey has been diverse, navigating through various work environments. I've contributed to projects in startups and large corporations, collaborated in small teams and expansive groups exceeding 50 designers. My experiences have spanned across industries, including fintech, complex tech products, global international development, and dynamic social platforms.

The music

Music is an important part of my design process, setting the rhythm for my creativity and focus. Whether I'm riding the wave of motivation with the dynamic beats of hip-hop or seeking deep concentration with jazz in the background, music shapes my work environment.
As I built this site, each day had its own soundtrack; here I share with you some of the songs that echoed alongside my journey: