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Hitch HQ

Lead designer

Hitch HQ was an innovative API support platform. When joining the team, I was presented with a unique challenge: a blank canvas with no existing brand identity or design elements. Starting from scratch, I created the logo and established a design language that resonated with the technical depth of APIs. Immersing myself in the complex world of tech, I not only tailored the design to developers’ needs but also simplified complex API tasks into intuitive interfaces.

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A Glimpse of my Creative Work for Hitch HQ.

The branding

While developing the branding for Hitch HQ's platform, I was fully aware of its focus on complicated API topics and complex technical tasks.
Even though these topics were familiar to developers, their complexity was clear. With this in mind, I aimed for simplicity and clarity in the branding. My goal was to prevent adding any extra complexity to an already advanced subject matter, ensuring the design was as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

Hitch HQ logo


For our logo, I selected the wolf, an emblem of trust and communication, symbolizing our commitment to keeping users informed. Its geometric design represents our tech-centric approach, and the howling signifies our proactive notifications on API updates

Hitch HQ font


I chose the Open Sans sans-serif font due to its clean and readable style, as well for its adaptability for diverse interfaces. As a startup, we also appreciated its open-source character, aligning well with our innovative approach.

Hitch HQ font


To establish a strong presence in the tech market while infusing simplicity into our product, we combined vibrant, bold colors with a soft, neutral palette.

The process and the platform

After establishing the branding for the platform, my next step was to deeply understand the needs and tasks of developers, our primary users. I learned about their tasks, workflows, and any inefficiencies they encountered. This understanding was crucial in my efforts to simplify their processes.

Additionally, we introduced elements of gamification to make the platform more engaging and user-friendly. By analyzing user behavior data and engagement statistics, I identified key improvement areas, utilizing metrics like user retention and task completion rates to guide design changes and enhance user experience.

As the platform evolved, my focus included analytics and user behavior tracking, leading to continuous iteration and enhancement of existing features. When a junior UX researcher joined the team, I took on a mentorship role. Together, we conducted user interviews, prepared mockups for testing, and crafted insightful questions, all driven by data insights. This comprehensive approach ensured that every design decision was informed by solid user feedback and metric analysis, significantly improving the platform's usability and user satisfaction.

the UI Pattern Library
I created for Hitch.

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