Dulce De La Rosa · UX & product designer

New Work SE

Senior UX designer

New Work SE is a leading professional networking and social media platform, mainly focused on the German-speaking market. It's a key place for companies to find talent and for professionals to connect and advance their careers.

I play a multifaceted role. My primary responsibilities involve leading two major projects; I collaborate closely with product managers and a cross-functional team, including UX researchers, writers, and data scientists, to create user-centric design solutions. My work ranges from conducting in-depth design sessions and workshops to overseeing usability audits and feature development, all to improve our platform's user experience.

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The project-specific work

Working closely with product managers at New Work SE, my role in managing two key projects is centered around collaborative planning and execution.

While the product managers lay out the quarterly goals and yearly roadmap, my focus is on how to effectively achieve these objectives through design. I lead design spikes, intensive sessions where we deeply explore complex design challenges and ideate solutions. Additionally, I organize workshops that gather different stakeholders, including developers and marketing teams, making sure our approach is well-rounded and considers all viewpoints.

In this role, I collaborate with what I call my 'dream team': UX researchers, with whom I plan our research initiatives for the year; UX writers, who are a vital part of my everyday work; and data science experts and customer success teams, who provide crucial insights when needed. Collaborating with these teams enhances our projects, ensuring that each element of our work is well-thought-out and focused on delivering impactful user experiences

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The cross collaboration

Besides my main projects at New Work SE, I engage in cross-collaborative work. For instance, I coordinate and moderate our weekly design critique sessions. These sessions not only highlight ongoing projects but also provide a platform for support and constructive feedback, offering fresh perspectives to my colleagues.

As well, I recently led a service design project for our customer success team. This involved mapping out the entire user experience and identifying all the user touchpoints across different customer success and sales teams. The goal was to detect internal obstacles and common pain points for our users. In the next phase, working with the team, we focused on prioritizing these issues, determining which ones to tackle first and assigning responsibility for each.

I have also been part of a focus group dedicated to developing the value proposition for our new product, Onlyfy. This project was a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders. We reviewed insights from existing users, analyzed how current projects function, and determined how they can work more effectively together.

New work platform in figma
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